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Hi, I'm Pedro Pinto, researcher and investigator on health and relationships issues, with a special focus on natural medicine. In this website, Me and my team will present you with a lot of information about how it is possible to cure or control most diseases, especially sexual diseases, only with natural remedies and home remedies.

I will also provide you tips and suggestions on romantic relationships and pets, as both are closely linked to overall health, both physically and psychologically.


Living healthily. Isn't that exactly what you're already doing? Or at least, what you hope you’re already doing... But what is a healthy life exactly? The question is not simple, but the answer could be summed up in one word: balance.

The balance is the watchword for everything - weight, fitness, digestion, sleep, stress level... but careful, balance is not synonymous with monotony! You will see that by adopting a balanced and healthy lifestyle, you'll have more time to spend on your hobbies, on your family activities, in short, doing pleasant things.

A good life balance helps maintain optimal health. Life balance also helps maintain a maximum degree of efficiency for motor abilities. The rules of life balance are not constraints. Freely chosen, they can have a positive impact on the overall well-being. Life balance can be better perceived and understood through the following 3 main approaches: diet, lifestyle and sexual health.

Work-leisure balance

If you neglect the quality of your life and put all your energy into work, what happens in the end when you finally take this much deserved break? You get sick! Ironic, but true: nearly 3% of the population suffers from this kind of disease every weekend and during holidays.

You can avoid (or manage, since you must be realistic) all this stress by adopting a healthy lifestyle... in other words, to be balanced! A healthy diet and a proper dose of sport will promote better digestion, better sleep and better stress management.

Sexual health

Pedro PintoHuman sexuality is very complex, but is an integral part of our existence. Friendship, love, intimacy, spirituality, communication and sex are all important aspects of healthy and exciting interpersonal relationships. During the process of learning or sexual growth, we must be on the lookout for potential hazards or infections that can disrupt our sexual health.

Sexual health is a State of physical, mental and social well-being in the sexual area. It requires a positive and respectful approach of sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the ability to have sexual experiences that are sources of pleasure and risk-free, free of any coercion, discrimination or violence.

A simple solution:

A balanced diet low in calories, and sport.

Diet and sport come together to make you lose weight and stay in shape. The definition of a balanced diet is easy to remember. A balanced diet simply associate a hypo caloric diet without excluding any type of food, but limiting the amount of sweet food and fat and a moderate or intense, but especially regular sport that will burn calories and will raise the metabolic rate.

We live in an affluent society. Many options are available to us when it comes to drinking, eating and simple habits of life. In that respect, the human nature is made, we often choose the path of least effort (that is the cheapest, most practical options, etc.).

At the time where humans had to struggle to survive, sugary foods offered a good amount of carbohydrates to store, helping to hedge against a possible famine. Do not forget that the famine was a constant threat; We have therefore a natural penchant for sweet foods, especially under stress - the cave man lurking inside us then rises to the surface, and we enter in survival mode. Even those who don't like sweets in normal times can plunge into the chocolate chip cookies when the pressure is on.

To take into account

Give yourself time to relax and put things in perspective: set your priorities and do not take any special treatment with the rest. Ask yourself the question: can it wait until tomorrow? Most of the time, the answer is Yes! In our website we want to provide you with relevant information that will help you and your partners, to protect yourself and enjoy a healthy and balanced life.

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